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    Tim Burd AdLeaks

    “I've spent over $25M on Facebook Ads and I decided to share all my best tips, tricks and strategies in AdLeaks to help the community thrive.”

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    Maxwell Finn Facebook Ad Academy

    “I am a serial entrepreneur who has raised millions of dollars in VC funding, sold products to the fortune 500 and helped hundreds of businesses.”

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    James Van Elswyck PurpleLeads

    “AdLeaks is a truly special community where everyone helps each other. It's run by a community of the most talented media buyers in the world.”

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    Nick Shackelford Fidgetly

    “I've taken many companies from $0 - $1M+ in less than 90 days and I look forward to helping you scale your business up too. Lets gooo!”

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    Attilia O'dree iAmAttila

    “I have been a super affiliate on PPC and Facebook Ads for many years now. I live with my wife in Europe and I'm excited to share insights and strategies in AdLeaks!”

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    Christina Szekeres FBQueen

    “I have been an active moderator in the top online marketing forums and I am so happy to bring my expertise to AdLeaks and share my tactics with the community.”

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    Sean Brown Go Venture Capital

    “I have built many 8 and 9 figure companies and specialize in scaling businesses and connecting people. I'm excited to give back to the AdLeaks community!”

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    Tim Burd AdLeaks

    “I have assembled the top internet marketers in the world to help answer your questions and take your business to the next level.”

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Imagine having access to the experience & knowledge
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We have a private Facebook group with all of our members so you can get answers to your questions, participate in polls, network with other members in the same industry and so much more all from the comfort of your laptop or smart phone. Get a guaranteed answer to your question and most questions are answered in a matter of minutes!


Many of our members are "City Leaders" in major cities all over the world throwing monthly meetups so you can get to know other AdLeakers in the advertising industry in your city! We also throw huge AdLeaks events in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia every year with thousands of people. These are 100% free and included in your membership!


Engage with other members in the community and get answers to your questions, new ideas to help your business grow and much more. We also have an extensive collection of videos and e-books dedicated to all the best strategies and information. This is NOT stuff you can find anywhere else folks!


While you remain an AdLeaks member you get access to exclusive deals on your favorite software tools, services and courses from vetted industry experts that can save you literally hundreds of dollars a month! You can literally ROI on your AdLeaks membership! Who doesn't like free money?

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  • Community

  • World's Best Marketers

  • Free Support

  • Guides & Case Studies

  • Meet ups & Events

  • Actionable Methods

  • Coupons & Discounts

  • and so much more!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've put together a list of the most asked questions below,
please feel free to contact us with anything you may want to ask

  • What's included in my membership?

    Included in your membership is our private Facebook group with thousands of hours worth of mini courses, knowledge bombs, answered questions and tutorials. You also get access to our business directory so you can find reputable companies to work with, an events calendar to find local events all over the world to attend, a deals section where you can get amazing deals on all your favorite software tools, courses & more and a job board where you can find companies looking to hire! Amazing value all for one low price.

  • Is it month-to-month or some long-term contract?

    With AdLeaks there are no long term contracts. It's simple to cancel anytime you want but we give you so much value you won't ever want to cancel. We have the best marketers in the world who create courses, speak on stage and do consulting for Fortune 500 companies here to help you grow your business. These are not guys that just learned Facebook Ads last week, our admins and moderators all spend $1M-100M a year on digital advertising. This is not your granny's community!

  • Why is this community better than other online marketing groups?

    Most communities offer terrible advice that hurts you more than it helps or you don't get any answers at all. AdLeaks is made up of some of the top online marketers in the world spending Millions of dollars a year so you can be sure you are getting A+ advice.

  • How much does it cost?

    For now it is only $1 to sign up which gives you a 14 day trial to kick the tires a bit and see how you like the community. If you don't cancel you will be billed $99.97/month. You can cancel anytime but we know you won't want to. We will be raising the monthly price soon so sign up and get grandfathered in at our lowest rate possible. Come meet your new family!

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